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New Server

The site has been migrated to the new server (as I posted on Tumblr) and while the main site seem to be ok, somethings going on with the gallery – it’s coming up as an empty directory, although in cPanel and FTP the files are there. I think maybe it’s somehow still directing to the old server?

My host is still migrating other sites to the new server, but I’ll add this to a list of things to check and once they give the all clear and ask to report possible errors or missing updates, I’ll let them know.

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The Orville 1.04 If The Stars Should Appear Screencaps

Sorry for the downtime yesterday; the hard drive on the server we are hosted on failed. But we’re back up now!


James Morrison guest-starred in the newest episode of The Orville. I’ve added screencaps to the gallery 🙂

Gallery: Home > Television > The Orville (2017) > 1.04 If The Stars Should Appear – Screencaps

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2017 Actors Awards

James Morrison won Best Supporting Actor for Frederick 🙂 Congratulations!