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Twin Peaks 3.04 The Return – Part 4 Screencaps

I’ve added screencaps from Twin Peaks episode 3.04 The Return – Part 4 to the gallery. James was only in two brief scenes, played the prison warden Dwight Murphy and had only two tiny pieces of dialogue, first of which was off-camera: “We’ll be down the hall if you need us” and “No, we haven’t”. As such I won’t be making video clips unless someone asks me to (in which case I’ll be happy to oblige). I don’t know if he’ll be in more episodes but fingers crossed!

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Movies Update

I’ve added photos from a handful of movies, 17 photos all in all…

Pray For Rain (2017)


Call Of The Void (2017)

The Jazz Funeral (2017)

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The Jazz Funeral Is Out On iTunes!

The Jazz Funeral is out to rent/buy on US iTunes 😀 Can’t wait to see it!

Billy is having relationship troubles when his overbearing father breaks the news that a close family friend has passed away. Billy joins his father and family in New Orleans where the two of them bond over Mardi Gras, women and their long, estranged relationship in a film nod to all the families out there learning to reconnect.

        James Morrison
        Bobby Campo
        Maiara Walsh
        Dee Wallace
        Gabriel Stone
        Edward Cox

        Jesse Rosen

        Laurence Ducceschi
        Cindy Murphy