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Gallery Update

Added images to the gallery: some very old screencaps I’d collected over the years from an obscure tv series named The Marshal James Morrison guest-starred in, plus two from Those Who Kill and one from Raspberry Magic.

You can see all of today’s additions by browsing by date.

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Slow Server

I’m sorry for the slowness of several of my sites recently. It’s due to the server being busy because of so many busy sites. My host will be adding two new servers, and will move many sites from the current server to the new ones to ease server load. This should make all sites faster again. They’ll be working on this the next several days, including the weekend.

I don’t know yet whether my sites will be moved or not. I’ll let you know once I know. Some sites, such the Xena and The Vampire Diaries sites, the gallery is so slow when I try to add picsย  that it’s next to impossible to do it until it’s working better. So no updates at least on those particularly slow galleries until the server load eases.