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Old Interview – James Morrison, 24: CTU’s Boss Teases the Next 22 Hours

An old interview from 2007 when season 6 of 24 began to air:

To hear James Morrison sum up his 24 alter ego, “Being Bill Buchanan is like trying to romance a beautiful woman in a crowded bus with a love poem about the Terrorism Index, while a pit bull gnaws its way up my leg.” In other words, this guy really knows what his character is about. welcomed the opportunity to chat up Morrison about Buchanan’s wedded bliss, the new day’s first two hours gone by, and what lies ahead for Bill, Chloe, Audrey et al. So, when did this whole Bill-Karen Hayes romance happen?
James Morrison: It started to happen at the end of the last day. I invited her to breakfast, she asked for a rain check, and sure enough, we ended up going out for a few breakfasts. [Laughs] He pursued her ardently?
Morrison: He did, yeah. Once Bill decides that flowers grow wherever a woman steps, he has to pursue her. Did you like that they took their relationship that far for the new season?
Morrison: I thought it was an amazing idea. Jayne [Atkinson] and I had a chemistry, so we in our own way sort of pushed for it, but not in an overt way. It provides extra stakes for the two characters.
Morrison: It’s also an interesting statement for both of them. That a woman who comes into a situation like [she did last season] and wrests power from a man — and to find that they both can be attracted to each other in spite of that — is actually a compliment to both their characters. It also speaks to a level of integrity and honor — that they would place the country’s well-being before their personal needs, and then make a circle back to, “We’re human beings, let’s explore this.”

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